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11 Plus Daily Online Practice


This online course is aimed towards finalising your child’s final months of 11+ preparation. The course contains a number of 11+ practice papers (including VR, Non-VR, Maths, English and speed challenges in Spelling and Mental Maths) that are done consecutively and regularly. They challenge your child’s ability to complete the tasks in tight times and flit from a variety of topic and skill sets. The course will last until 31st October 2017. If you are looking for 11+ practice that:

  • assess’s your child’s knowledge levels
  • seeks out weak areas
  • pushes your child beyond their comfort zone
  • offers higher level questions
  • gives your child timed testing practice and experience

then this is the product for your child!

This product is an online product containing various timed online 11+ papers. Your child is given 45 minutes to complete each paper, and your child may take the paper a number of times. After each attempt, you are given the score and model answers, wherever possible. You can then review the questions with your child and even copy out model answers for your child to practice from or memorise.

After you purchase this product, we will create an online account for you and email you with the relevant access details. The course will last until 31st October 2017. And, after purchasing our online course, we are here for you and are available to assist via the email and details we send you in your access instructions.

All the best with 11+ preparations!


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